Chemical and HazMat Storage Buildings

Protect your Employees and the Environment

SafeSite chemical and hazmat storage buildings are designed to provide safe storage, dispensing, and transfer of hazardous materials, chemicals, flammables and combustibles.

Two Hour, Four Hour, or Non-Combustible Fire Rating

Our standard building has a two hour fire rating. We also offer a four hour fire rating (per code) for customers that need units that will be installed inside another building. For customers that do not require a fire rated building, non-combustible buildings are also available.

Unmatched Strength and Quality

SafeSite storage buildings are strong enough to withstand explosions, interior pool fires, and extreme temperature swings. Furthermore, they offer proven structural reliability and secure secondary containment under catastrophic situations. SafeSite storage buildings undergo stringent evaluation and independent testing which assures unmatched quality. Consequently, these units are the best possible solution for the storage or dispensing of flammable goods.

Storage Applications

chemical storage building photo

Paint/Thinner/Varsol Storage

Customers use SafeSite hazmat storage buildings to store 55 gallon drums. Another usage is the storage of one gallon cans with the addition of shelving units. In addition, separation walls of non-combustible construction (14 gauge steel) afford a degree of protection from mixing incompatible substances, materials, and/or products.

Two-tier chemical storage building

Pesticide and Fertilizer Storage

SafeSite hazmat storage buildings are approved as suitable containment by the Crop Protection Institute and meet established guidelines for natural and mechanical ventilation.

Corrosive chemicals in chemical storage building

Corrosive Chemical Storage

SafeSite FM approved corrosive chemical storage buildings come in fire rated and non-combustible units. Highly concentrated corrosives can cause vapors if they come in contact with non-compatible coatings. We evaluate individual products to ensure that the coating provided will withstand a spill—and we match our paint to your product.

Battery storage in chemical storage buildings

Battery Storage

SafeSite battery storage buildings are fully secure and are designed to contain vapors produced during recharging or explosions.

chemical storage building

HouseHold Hazardous Waste Storage

You can enhance community awareness and reduce collection and operations costs with a Permanent Household Hazardous Waste program.

chemical storage building

Chlorine Storage

Chlorine gas is very poisonous and corrosive. Therefore, chlorine should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area in tightly sealed containers protected from exposure to weather, extreme temperature changes, and physical damage. Furthermore, the containers should be stored separately from flammable gases, vapors, and combustible substances. While chlorine itself is not combustible, contact with these other substances can lead to a fire or explosion.

oil barrel storage in chemical storage building

Used Oil & Hydraulic Fluids Storage

Customers must consider fire hazard and fire exposure. In addition, you need to consider the setback from property line and public-way, fire rating of adjacent wall(s), ventilation, and spill control (refer to NFPA 30). The number of drums that a facility may store is related to the fire rating, square footage, and automatic fire sprinkler protection of the room.

Drums in chemical storage building

Gasoline & Diesel Storage

SafeSite hazmat buildings can be equipped for dispensing inside the building.


  • Factory Mutual Approved HazMat Storage Building, meets FMRC Class 6049 (NFPA 30).
  • Complies with IFC, IBC, EPA, NFPA, and OSHA codes and regulations for compliance in design.
  • All materials are new, unused, non-commercial grade ASTM A570 and commercial grades ASTM A500, ASTM A569, and ASTM A36 steel.
  • Double walled, 12 and 14 gauge welded steel construction with 2–4 hour Factory  Mutual Approved fire rating.
  • Chemical resistive coating consisting of 5 mils DFT Epoxy inside, with 5 mils DFT polyurethane outside.
  • UL Listed fusible link fire dampers for inside storage.
  • Internal spill containment.
  • Static ground connection of all units.
  • Spill containment drain on unit is a minimum of 4″ above ground to allow drainage.
  • Full opening doors for pallet loading and accessibility; a minimum of 56” wide each door with 3 point locks.
  • Non-spark aluminum grate flooring.
  • Unit is designed to be portable by forklift, with front and rear loading capability; with forklift pockets.
  • Seismic tie down holes are 1” diameter.
  • Unit has 3/8” grounding lugs, set at 30” diameter.
  • FIFTEEN-year warranty on workmanship and materials.
  • ONE-year warranty on coating.
  • NFPA sign.

Safety. Compliance. Reliability.