HazMat Storage Building Features

Safety. Compliance. Reliability.

Hazardous Waste Storage Building

fm-approvedTotal Compliance

  • Factory Mutual Approved
  • Non-combustible, 2 or 4-hour fire rated
  • Space saving design allows for double stacking of 55 gallon drums
  • Compatible with most building, fire, electrical and environmental codes
  • Electrical, structural, fire suppression, spill response and ventilation accessories to fit any need
Chemical Storage building

Superior Design Standards

        • Sloped roof assembly, with overhangs front and back
        • Divided containment sump assembly for easier spill cleanup
        • Light weight, removable floor grating
        • Heavy duty three point locking hardware with interior override
        • Door height allows dual pallet stacking
        • Clip-on weather stripping on door assemblies
        • Urethane enamel / two part coating
Chemical Storage building


        • Adjustable shelving
        • R11 Insulation
        • Separation walls (Non-combustible or Fire-rated)
        • Skylights
        • General purpose and explosion proof lighting
        • Explosion proof air conditioning
        • Explosion relief panel
        • General purpose and explosion proof heater
        • Lifting lugs
        • Hand held extinguishers (weather-tight)
        • Fixed fire suppression systems
        • Electronic monitoring equipment
        • Acid neutralizing, spill response, selective absorbents and first aid kits
        • Mechanical ventilation system
        • Loading ramp
        • Grounding rod
        • Eyewash units
Chemical Storage building

Maximum Protection

        • Heavy 10, 12, 14 gauge steel fire resistant construction
        • Chemical resistant “urethane” coatings
Chemical Storage building

Guaranteed Long Life

      • 3-5 years on basic structure
      • One year on urethane enamel coating
      • Up to five years on custom containment sump coatings
      • Accessories under manufacturer’s warranty

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