Emergency Shower, Eyewash, and Drench Hose System

Essential for Chemical and Hazmat Decontamination

The SafeSite Emergency Shower building is self-contained, stand alone, and ANSI approved. It is designed for drenching or flushing of eyes and body in emergency situations. Therefore, it combines an emergency shower, eyewash, and drench hose in one unit. Shower units are required at any job site where the eyes or body of any person may be exposed to harmful corrosive materials.

This insulated metal building can be used either indoors or outdoors. It is ideal for remote locations because it can be designed with a self-contained water supply. The insulated building is all steel construction and ships fully assembled.

HazMat Emergency Shower Interior View

Emergency Shower Interior

Shower, Eyewash, and Drench Hose System

HazMat Emergency Shower View from Exterior

Emergency Shower Exterior

Certifications: ANSI/ ISEA Z358.12009

General Purpose or Explosion Proof Models

Uninterrupted Water Supply Models

This model is ideal for environments where there is a continuous water supply available.


Self-Contained Shower Systems

This model Includes a water tank and a heater for environments where a continuous supply of water is not available.

Multi-Purpose Combination Models

This model combines storage areas, changing rooms, processing/ dispensing area or decontamination capabilities and increased sump capacity.

Self-contained Emergency Shower, Eyewash, and Drench Hose

Standard Features

  • All steel construction
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Required safety signage
  • ANSI combination emergency Halo eyewash, Spintec shower head
  • 3 kw. tank heater with thermostat
  • Tank temperature gauge
  • Interior lighting
  • Emergency activation switch
  • General purpose 240v/1ph electrical with breaker panel
  • Integrated forklift pockets for lifting
  • 2″ NPT sump drain
  • Clear tank for visual water level inspection
  • Structure made with noncombustible materials
  • Engineered for environmental loads

Optional Equipment (Includes Installation)

  • 5 kw electric heater with thermostat and disconnect
  • External horn/strobe warning assembly
  • ANSI rated drench hose
Nominal Dimensions: 6’6” W x 7’0” L x 8’9” H
Shipping Weight: Approximately 3,600 lbs.
Door Configuration: Insulated commercial 32”x84” with push/panic hardware with window
Tank Capacity: 600 gallon
Construction: Floor ¼” plate; Walls 12 gauge; Roof 12 gauge
Finish: 2 part chemical resistant coatings (interior and exterior) – Axiom Grey
Design Criteria: ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 2009 Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment

Safety. Compliance. Reliability.