HazMat Storage Building Options

Adjustable Shelving

Shelves are fabricated from 12 gauge galvanized steel. Rubber matting is recommended in units that are storing batteries, other corrosive liquids, or steel containers of flammable liquids on shelves.

Fire Rated Separation Walls

Fire Rated Separation Walls (non load bearing) provide separation of dangerous goods from flammable and combustible liquids. This option is used when incompatible products must be segregated by fire separation.

Non-Combustible Separation Walls

Separation walls of noncombustible construction (14 gauge steel) afford protection from mixing incompatible substances, materials and/or products.


Skylights are used to provide cost effective lighting in an area where electrical lighting is not economical or practical. Skylights may have a security grill to prevent unauthorized access into the facility.


General purpose and explosion proof heaters. Approximately 6,000 – 26,000 BTUs.

Air Conditioning

Explosion-proof air conditioning is available.


General purpose and explosion proof lighting systems are available.

R11 Insulation

When products being stored are temperature sensitive, insulation packages are available.

Lifting Lugs

Roof level lifting lugs aid in off-loading by crane.

Fire Extinguisher

Five to thirty pound fire extinguisher with mounting cabinet.

Mechanical Ventilation System

Explosion proof forced air/exhaust ventilation fan.

First Aid Kit / Spill Response

Acid neutralizing, spill response, selective absorbents, first aid kits..

Fixed fire suppression systems

Pre-engineered dry chemical systems are installed to provide a first line of defense in the event of a fire. Stand pipe systems are also available.

Loading ramp

Moving drums into the facility by dolly, cart and/or pullet jack may require a loading ramp.

Grounding Rod

Used in situations where the dispensing of flammable liquids is conducted inside the facility. This allows the user to static ground or bond each container while both dispensing and collecting the product.

Electronic Monitoring Equipment

For safety and security.